Magnosis is Mike Magno, an electronic music addicted producer/live set from New Jersey, USA. Coming from a heavy metal guitarist background since a young age, it wasn't until the mid 2000s when he discovered electronic music and fell in love with the energy of the hypnotic rhythms. Immediately following, Mike began making his first productions and DJing local gigs. He since then has won Insomniac's Discovery Project and played both Electric Daisy Carnival New York and Las Vegas. Quickly, he became a core artist and A&R of Solid Recordings, PanMusic Records, and Womb Records. Magnosis is an ever evolving Psychedelic Trance project that aims to bring original sounds to the dance floors all over the world with his productions crafted with modualr synthesis. After a short time of starting out with Progressive Psytrance, he transformed through Night Fullon for a few years. From there, has evolved his project forever into the endless realm of Hitech, which brings a unique style filled with funky grooves dipped in Full Power psychedelic flavors.

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